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Other Deductions your Could Qualify For

<strong>Other Deductions your Could Qualify For</strong>

What other deductions can employees claim? We have already explained some of the deductions you may be eligible for on this site.  Whenever you spend some cash to earn income, you may be able to claim a deduction for it instantly or in future.

There are some other deductions you may qualify for. Just make ensure that you incur an expense first, and then claim only expenditures that are not domestic or private in nature.

You could claim a deduction for costs incurred when managing your own tax matters.  If you often pay premiums for insurance against income loss, you could claim a deduction for these expenses.

But these premiums must be paid from your pocket not superannuation funds benefits. The interest charged by the ATO is also tax deductible as well as any personally made superannuation contributions or RSA contributions.

Overtime meals qualify as other deductions, not forgetting project pool expenditures and costs of attending work-related seminars and workshops.